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Tesla Plate and Disc in VIOLET/PURPLE

Purple, Sahasrara = crown chakra; pineal gland; joining of contrarian energies, consciousness, enlightenment, general healing on all levels. Spiritual energy, joining of matter and spirit, transformation of soul and spirit*


Tesla Plate and Disc in INDIGO

Indigo, Ajna = third eye chakra, pituitary gland; mergence of the other chakra colours, adjusts the flow of life, growth, metabolism, harmonizes left and right brain. Communication, patience, imagination, wisdom, inspiration, spiritual power, raising consciousness*


Tesla Plate and Disc in BLUE

Blue, Vishuddha = throat chakra, thyroid; helps against high blood pressure, infections, migraine, insomnia and during menopause. Communication, patience, honesty, confidence, peace, calm, meditation, truth, faithfullness*


Tesla Plate and Disc in GREEN

Green, Anahata = heart chakra, thymus; calmes nerves and heart, benignly influences the aging process. Compassion, love, equilibrium, well-being, harmony, stability, reliability, adaptability, growth, abundance, love, nature, vegetation, immune system*


Tesla Plate and Disc in YELLOW

Yellow, Manipura = solar plexus chakra, pancreas; brings mental alertness, stimulates the nervous system, facilitates excretion. Cheerfulness, generosity, optimism, phantasy, striving for success, logical thinking, expression of self*


Tesla Plate and Disc in ORANGE

Orange: Svadhisthana = sacral chakra, gonadal; aids weakness of circulation, heart problems, fatigue, lack of energy. Enthusiasm, self assurance, sociability, joy, friendship, constructiveness, compassion*


Tesla Plate and Disc in RED

Red, Muladhara = root chakra, adrenal glands; general life functions, controls body fluids, regulation of temperature. Life force, energy, self-actualization, self confidence, decision making, grounding.


Tesla Plate and Discs in BLACK

These products are especially useful with EMF/EMR. Astrological sign: capricorn and it’s planet saturn, the guardian of the threshold. Bones, skeleton, structure.*


Tesla Plate and Discs in SILVER

Moon, Yin, female, unconscious, intuition, harmony, cool, past, festive, magical


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The meaning of the (chakra) colors


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