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FlowerOfLifeThe Flower of Life (FoL) is an ancient symbol of sacred geometry, brings power, connects you to the creation and eternal life and energy.

Geometry is the basis of the total of mathematics .......

and belongs to the canon of classical wisdom teachings of antiquity. The Sacred Geometry can also be considered as universal language of creation. Your basic tools are straight edge and compass, which correspond with the feminine (yin) and male principle (yang)

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The flower of life has become known as one of the representations of this day and age, which describes the power of geometry as a language of the world of appearances.

In the FoL, we find 19 circles of equal size, overlapping in a simple flower pattern. And despite this simple structure, you can find in this pattern every measure of the world. 1)

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1) Text courtesy of Andreas Beutel: Pythagoras Institut Dresden, Germany



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The Flower of Life


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