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An excerpt of Linda Goodman's famous book:

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This text represents the personal opinion of said author and does not deal in scientific or medical facts but in subjective experiences!

We've already learned that each material object and each human being vibrates to an individual frequency of angstrom units (light waves) per second. This is the life force energy responsible for universal harmony and synchronicity . . . the forgotten rainbows and forgotten melodies creating the Oneness of the Universe established by Cleve Backster's Primary Cell Perception discoveries. In India this life force energy is called Prana, but whatever it's called you could not live without it, and at present you're using only a fraction of its power.

Your third dimensional mind can use it to tune into the fourth dimensional cosmic consciousness (your Higher Self) ... allowing you to "see the light" . . . to become in tune with the harmony of the Universe, for within these colors and chords all magic is conceived, all miracles are born. There are many ways to tune in. Not just one or two. Many.

One of them is an Aquarian Age, Tesla discovery I call "the Purple Coloured Plates," for want of a better term. (........)

These aluminum plates are created in two sizes, one measuring approximately three inches by five inches and the other measuring approximately eleven inches by eleven inches. Just one of the smaller plates will create mountains of magic, but I find it useful to have both sizes, for various purposes. (....) Their atomic structure has been altered, so that they are in resonance with a high-frequency vibration of the life energy force, in a complex way, connected with the known energy of negative ions. The "purple energy plates" (my own personal name for them) possess a field of energy capable of penetrating any living thing - plant, animal or human.

The life force energy, or Prana, can be measured in several ways. One of them is through radionic equipment. Using this measurement, the energy level of an individual man or woman not yet fully illuminated might register, say, 20 on the scale. When this person is handed a Purple Coloured Plate the reading will instantly increase to 90 or 95. It won't remain at that level, but continual use of the plate will gradually bring the person's energy to I00 permanently. Enlightenment. And higher than I00, since the life force energy cannot be completely measured by any device presently known. And so, the use of this New Age "magic" will eventually raise your frequency rate of angstrom units per second, which is of obvious benefit to your spiritual evolvement, as well as your path toward cell regeneration (see Chapter 9).

Precisely how the plates work should not be of as much concern to you as what they can do for you. There are so many mini-miracles the plates accomplish (some of which you'll discover for yourself) it's difficult to detail them. Here are just a few.


First and foremost, the plates will slowly but very surely raise the vibratory frequency of those who use them, and that's of prime importance. They will reduce the negative vibrations in food, water, other liquids and tobacco. Many people who own them place their food on the larger size plat while it's still in the shopping bag from the market, for about fifteen minutes. Travelers often find that the water in a foreign country makes them ill, but won't if the water is energized on a Purple Coloured Plate for two or three minutes. Cigarettes become milder after being placed on the plate for fifteen minutes or so, and pineapple, for instance, will lose its sour taste and become sweet tasting.

The magic I personally find to be the most helpful involves pain. (Aries Rams have a low pain threshold!) When a Purple Coloured Plate is placed on a burn or a cut ... or tied with a ribbon or cord on an ache or a pain anywhere in the body, healing is noticeably accelerated, and the pain either greatly lessens, disappears entirely with amazing swiftness, usually within five to ten minutes seldom longer than twenty minutes. This is accomplished by the plates energy in returning the injured cells or tissue to a normal vibrational rate: thus the healing and disappearance of pain is due to the afflicted area being turned to the proper balance.

One of the construction workers employed by the contractor in the modeling of my house in Colorado came to work one day with a "split migraine headache," and was about to take the day off, until I tied a „magic Purple Coloured Plate" (the small size) on his head with a sash from a bathrobe (making him look like Spock when Spock and Kirk prepared to visit the twentieth century in the film Star Trek IV). I asked him to leave it on his head for fifteen minutes. He felt rather foolish, but agreed, and less than five minutes later when I asked him about his headache, he was up on a ladder, pounding nails. He looked down at me, grinned, and said, "It's gone. Completely gone."

"All right, then give me back my Purple Coloured Plate," I said, smiling back him, pleased as always to observe the never failing magic. He replied quite seriously, "No way are you going to get this back! I'm leaving it on all day and I'm taking it home with me." He was only half serious, of course, but I graciously gave him the plate as a gift, and he was as delighted as if I had given him a magic wand - which, in a way, it is. Anyone who treats a friend with purple energy plate is going to receive a lot of pressure to allow the friend keep it, so it's wise to have several on hand for emergencies. The incident I just related is but one of more than a hundred headaches I've observed cured instantly by the Purple Coloured Plate over the years.


Another time (one of literally thousands of examples) a friend was chopping wood for me, and "threw out his arm." His upper arm was giving him severe pain, and he was on the verge of deciding to have someone drive him into Woodland Park to a doctor. I made him sit clown on the couch, fixed him a cup of hot tea and tied a Purple Coloured Plate on his arm. By the time he had finished the tea (and a slice of cake) the pain had completely disappeared, and five minutes later he was out in the back yard chopping wood again. New Age medicine!

One of the magics I've depended on numerous times is the energy plate's ability to remove the sensation of nausea almost instantly. Any time I feel severe nausea, for whatever reason, I rush to get a Purple Coloured Plate, lie down on the bed on my back and place the plate on my solar plexus. The large size plate usually works more quickly in this instance, but a small one also does the job, taking only a few minutes longer. Using the plate in this way causes all sensations of nausea to disappear within no longer than five minutes, usually within one to two minutes ... and sometimes in thirty seconds. I don't know what I would do without that reliable pain and nausea reliever being always available when I need it in a hurry. My women friends with "morning sickness" from pregnancy treat their Purple Coloured Plates as if they were precious jewels.

Some of my friends sleep with the plate tucked into the pillow case (on the bottom side, not the head side) all night. The energy goes through anything and everything except metal. They awake in the morning with more energy, and feel as if they've had a full eight hours sleep, whether they have or not. A few people are unable to raise their vibratory rate in this manner because they're so sensitive to the energy, they stay awake all night! In any case, this use of the plates should be limited to one or two nights a week, and when it's important to wake up early the next morning with extra energy for the reason of an important meeting or appointment the next day.

As for raising your vibratory frequency with the plates, some people will feel increased physical energy and less fatigue by tucking one in the pocket of a shirt or blouse for thirty minutes to an hour, twice a day. Every individual is different, and experimenting with the plates will quickly tell each person the most effective way to use them relative to his or her own personal response.


In addition to removing nearly all kinds of pain almost instantly, and all the other minor miracles manifested, there is one particular use of the purple energy plates I've found to be truly amazing, nearly unbelievable, yet observably and infallibly true. There's no way to completely convince you of the validity of this, I suppose, unless you try it yourself.

We've already learned that each person vibrates to an individual frequency of light waves, a metaphysical truth or fact that is the foundation of a vast amount of unguessed and unsuspected "magic". Natives in civilized jungles often refuse to allow missionaries and other visitors to take their pictures with a camera, for reasons founded in such "uncivilized" (uncluttered by civilization's mental smog) minds, and seeded by the more active sixth sense, and Third Eye possessed by these Earthlings. They claim that the one who photographs them, in some mysterious way, is "robbing them of a piece of their souls.'

This isn't true. However, the photographer is "stealing" their frequency rate, and it's not mysterious to anyone who understands the individual vibratory frequency we've discussed. Somehow, through the process of photography, the individual frequency of the person who is photographed is impressed upon both the positive and negative print. Therefore, this particular Purple Coloured Plate magic only works when the "negative" of the positive print used has not been destroyed, and is known to exist somewhere, whether in the home, or even in the files of the photographer who took the original picture - or when using a Polaroid print,

Let's say a child, a mate, or loved one or a friend (perhaps an employer or neighbor or co-worker) is behaving in a most negative and exasperating manner, as we all do, from time to time, human nature being what it is. You can literally turn that person around, changing his or her attitude from negative to positive - not permanently, but until the next time - by using your purple energy plate in the following way. (But don't tell the person what you are doing.)


Place either a Polaroid photo or a positive print of a photo, the negative of which you know to be in existence and not destroyed - on a small-size Purple Coloured Plate, face down. Leave it there for no longer than an hour. Usually within approximately fifteen to twenty minutes that person's attitude will undergo a startling change, will be completely transformed from "nasty," stubborn, selfish, angry, annoyed or unsympathetic - to apologetic, cheerful, unselfish, sympathetic and pleasant. You really need to experience it to comprehend the sheer wonder of it. Within minutes, the person will contact you by phone or in person, depending on where and how the "disagreement" took place - (or you may initiate the contact yourself) - and will demonstrate a complete change of attitude, often apologizing for the former negative behavior or speech. The first few times it happens you'll be truly stunned ... almost awed by this kind of energy power. Or you may choose to manifest this magic before you communicate with a certain person to ensure that the phone call or meeting is harmonious. Remember never to tell the person what you're doing The person's mind is then capable of blocking or negating the positive energy infusion.

This kind of energizing with the Purple Coloured Plate should never be attempted for a trivial reason - only when it's genuinely important to change the vibrations between yourself and the other person. And it must not be thought of as some sort of "black magic" to force people to change their own free will decisions, because it will not do that. It's white magic, capable only of temporarily, for a period of time, changing a person's vibratory rate from negative to positive. In other words, if someone has refused to do what you want them to do, this magic may cause a change of heart or mind, only if the individual person wishes to change his or her heart or mind, and is consciously unaware of such a desire. Otherwise, this process will not cause a change of heart or mind, but it will have the happy result of creating a new level of understanding between you, a sort of truce or peace, causing both of you to he able to handle your conflicting desires, and work out your misunderstandings in a friendly manner, without rancor or ill will.

Here is only one of many examples from my personal experience. A friend of mine who lives in Colorado Springs visited me one day in Cripple Creek, in tears. Her husband, whom she loved deeply, had become an alcoholic. She'd tried everything, but nothing would convince him to stop drinking, although he was, basically, a "religious man," with a kind heart, who admitted that he wanted to stop drinking but just couldn't. I asked my friend if she would lend me a picture of him for a few days.


She looked surprised, but gave me a Polaroid she carried with her in her pocketbook, Then she asked me, with understandable curiosity, what I intended to do with her husband's picture, Knowing that she wasn't yet at a stage of enlightenment to comprehend the powerful harmony frequencies of the Universe, and feeling that her disbelief might short-circuit what I planned, my response was cryptic. I just smiled, and said, "Oh, I'm just going to try some 'white witch' magic."

She left, and that evening I placed her husband's picture on one of my small-size Purple Coloured Plates, leaving it there for the full hour. Never having used the photograph process in this way before, I wasn't sure what might - or might not - happen.

The next morning my friend telephoned me from the restaurant where she worked, in a combined state of happiness and bewilderment. "You can't guess what just happened about an hour ago!" she exclaimed. "Jim (not his real name) stopped in on his lunch hour, and told me he's decided to stop drinking, 'cold turkey,' and he's going to start going to church every Sunday! I could tell he really meant it. He's never been that serious about it before. What did you do to make that happen ?"

I told her I was very happy to hear the news, but not to be concerned about the "why" of it - just wait and see how serious he was. Two months later, she visited me again in Cripple Creek. 'Jim" had been making her go to church with him every Sunday, and he hadn't had a drop to drink. A year later, he was still sober. At this point, I let her believe I had "prayed," using his picture, and gave her back the photograph. Two years after his period of being sober he began drinking again, Then I told my friend the Purple Coloured Plate story, and was rewarded by hearing her express absolute faith in the magic with no skepticism.

Although her husband had by then left to go to another state, and they were legally separated, she asked me for a Purple Coloured Plate, and I gave her one, warning her that no prediction could be made, as with "ordinary" use of it, when it came to something like alcoholism, regarding the length of time it would take for the magic to manifest. Instead of the usual 15 to 20 minutes or so, it could take much longer treatment, once a day or several times a week. She understood. That was last year. A week ago she called me in California to tell me that 'JW' had come back home, and was now permanently cured. He had entered a cure center in another state, and hadn't wanted to return until he knew he was free of the desire to drink. They're as happy as two bugs in a rug, as my Irish elf-mother wed to say. Naturally, I can't promise that the Purple Coloured Plate will always cure alcoholism, but it certainly can't hurt ... and who knows? That's what experimentation is for.


The reason for not leaving a photo on the plate for longer than one hour at a time (and preferably no more often than once or twice a week) is because some people are extremely sensitive to its energy, and too much 'exposure" can cause the person being so "treated" to exhibit nervousness or hypertension. If anyone uses the photo experiment for such an evil purpose deliberately, it will not cause such a reaction, because the law of the Universe regarding the life force energy will absolutely block such a result, boomeranging the tenseness back upon the user. This is an unbreakable law of magic when one tries to we such a sacred life force for evil. The only time to be concerned about overexposure is when the motive has been to be of benefit to someone, and then the tension will be felt briefly, because the overexposure was not intentional. Otherwise, the user will be mighty sorry for having attempted to cause harm to another. The sensitivity of some people to these energies has been demonstrated by what occurs when the plates are brought into the vicinity of mentally disturbed patients in institutions. They react in various ways, but always intensely; therefore, it's advisable to use the photos of any severely mentally disturbed people you'd like to help for no longer than a half hour each time.

White you're pondering what I realize you my believe to be the bizarre nature of the energy of the Purple Coloured Plates, especially as used with photographs, you might keep in mind that scientists have been for several years successfully experimenting with eradicating insects by irradiating a photograph of the diseased fields. Orthodox scientists, that is (I knew that would make some of you feel better!) By the way, it doesn't matter whether the photograph you expose to these life force energies is one taken recently - yesterday - or when the photographed subject was a child or an infant. The individual vibratory frequency doesn't change.

The only pain or discomfort the purple energy force field has not relieved, in my personal observation for more than ten years, is the pain caused by a twisted muscle, a slipped disc, or misplaced vertebra. All other pain is swiftly either greatly relieved or completely banished. I almost forgot a special message to plant lovers. Water your plants with water treated on a plate, and notice the difference in their growth. Also, place a Purple Coloured Plate under fresh flowers from a florist, and they'll last nearly twice as long before wilting. Regarding plants, there's another bit of magic that's been developed by the same Nikola Tesla-inspired researcher, along with several other energy innovations.

No medical healing claims are made for the Purple Coloured Plate energies. They're not intended in any sense to replace the proper treatment of serious health problems by a professional holistic medical doctor, and I'm sure my readers have the common sense to realize, for example, that complaints such as chest pains need immediate medical attention. But as for the other magics I've described here, you'll discover for yourself how effective the Purple Coloured Plates can be, and you'll never be without one after you've seen what they will do .... far more, I promise you, than the over-the-counter medications that receive such high-profile advertising in all media, to which the medical profession doesn't object.


One final incident of the Purple Coloured Plate life force energies (you'll discover lots of uses on your own): A teacher friend of mine in Colorado has found the perfect remedy when one of her grade-school students is being naughty and disrupting the class. In her schoolroom is a chair with a pillow on the seat. No one is allowed to touch the pillow or go near the chair. It's called The Magic Good Pillow. Any student who is behaving badly is told to " sit on the Good Pillow" for fifteen minutes. When the child returns to its seat he (or she) has turned (at least temporarily!) into a perfect little angel. Of course one of the large plates is beneath the pillow. My teacher friend has discovered her own personal way of creating purple magic.

The plates have been in use by many people for more than fifteen years - (written by 1988) I've had my own for more than ten years - and they still function as effectively after that length of time. Once the structure of the atoms of the aluminum have been altered, they will remain in that condition ... probably indefinitely. The plates are not "charged"; they are simply altered to vibrate with life force energy of the Universe - what Nikola Tesla called "free energy.

Translating my personal choice of "purple" plates to describe these energies (possibly because my favorite fairy tale as a child was about a "purple elf named Leser") .... into the true color of the plates, which is the rainbow spectrum musical "tone" of violet, it represents the seventh ray and the "violet flame" of the Avatar-Adept, the Conte de St. Germain. In metaphysics, violet is the healing ray of the spectrum.


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This text represents the personal opinion of said author and does not deal in scientific or medical facts but in subjective experiences!











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